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Chica is a hen,....

Mammy... can you tell me the Princess Chica story again?

... In Feb 2011, ...
 I started buy eggs at our neighbors farm Bob’s Corn. I found out they sale chickens for $5 a pic. To me that is a killer deal since I pay $10~$12 at Chinese grocery store, so I decided to get two chickens for food. I knew unlike grocery store, if buy the chickens at Bob’s corn, I would have to butcher them myself. 
Grow up in China, I had done that for many times since I was a child. Living in Tiny House is all about rural life, I am ready to test the skill that I once had before...
..and? patient children..
..i want hear it..



First Egg

Potty trained

Chicken ??

Chicken Talk

my girlfriend 
Vanessa’s website: www.JoyfulChickens.com
... the story of how I found her & her life with me in Tiny House....

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